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Forms for the Foundation of Your Life
Good design sets you at ease by rewarding your sense of beauty through the relation of line and scale. Each piece of furniture we create reflects its owner’s taste. By living every day with the subtle nuance, character, grain and color of wood, we can help you apply those aspects to your achitectural environment. We personally select each piece of material we work with to fulfill this purpose, then take a reverential level of care in execution.

Building on your Aesthetic
Pool Pavillion and Meditation Space
Mike McCulloch, Architect. AIA.
Addition to a residence designed by Pietro Belluschi

Creating Your Ideal Space
We bring your surroundings into line with your aesthetic ideal. Whether it’s re-creating a historical period, modernizing your home, or helping you uncover the look and feel most appropriate for your space, we design and build work that will live with you gracefully and will be appreciated for generations.

Orchestrating from Concept to Finish
Our thorough approach to the creative process means we determine not only how to make a piece, but how it lives in the environment. This symbiotic view often leads clients and architects to entrust us with executing myriad aspects of a project. Through this approach, and our careful respect for our working environment, we often develop long-lasting relationships with our clients based on ultimate trust. We see it as our duty to gently educate our clients and guide them through the process. Often, our clients walk away with stories to tell that add to the depth of appreciation for the final piece.

Shaping Nature into Forms for Life
“The word, the spoken and the written word, has the most immediate impact on human beings; in contrast, matter ‘speaks more slowly’.” Alvar Aalto
At Greenline, our designs become the quiet foundation of your surroundings. We produce timelessly designed, flawlessly executed furniture, interiors and structures using the same techniques master woodworkers have practiced for centuries. Our work stands the test of time and trend while slowly revealing its beauty of form and function.
A Calling to Perpetuate Craft
Patrick O’Neill has worked wood for over 25 years. Since 1997, he has fostered the craft of woodworking through educating, supporting and employing his fellow craftsmen of Greenline Fine Woodworking. Patrick accepts it as his personal calling to produce work which lives in harmony with its source and surroundings, and he upholds the integrity of craftsmanship and character that has perpetuated fine woodworking for centuries.