Owen Patrick O’Neill began Greenline in 1997 with a simple vision to bring his fine woodworking skillset to the Portland area.

His work is informed by high mountain adventures in the Sierras and North Cascades, renovation of a 300 year old German barn, 7 years in the meticulous craft of Pacific Northwest timber framing, and recent Irish immigrant roots. Patrick’s love for high craft and detail generated early commissions for Greenline furniture, interior details and cabinetry.

In 2005, a comprehensive renovation of a Columbia River floating home launched Greenline toward larger scale projects. Commissions for complete, systemic renovation of entire buildings and structures followed shortly after including three Pietro Belluschi residences. Knowledge of northwest regional style structures led Greenline to work on complicated preservation projects of John Yeon legacy residences including the nationally recognized Watzek house. In most recent years, Greenline’s work has encompassed restoration and preservation of an 1848 pioneer house, a 1912 Portland Firehouse and a 1927 mansion by Herman Brookman.

As the size of the commissions grew, so did Greenline’s management needs. Patrick and his wife, Jayne Cronlund, forged a deal in 2009 to marry their skills in business as well as life. Jayne brings to Greenline a deep love for art and architecture.  A degree in art history and management skills garnered from a law degree and 20 years of organizational management inform her work at Greenline. The unification of Patrick’s craftsmanship and Jayne’s creative management skills brought Greenline to its current work specializing in the restoration and preservation of the Pacific Northwest’s architectural heritage.

“Greenline preserves and restores the built environment that allows humans to seamlessly connect the dots from the past, through the present and long into the future.”

Owen Patrick O’Neill

Broadening Greenline’s restoration/preservation projects to embrace a more inclusive history of first people to this region and communities of color habitation/settlement/architecture is part of our future.”

Jayne Cronlund

Greenline strives for collaboration of all the elements, materials and the humans in each project. Greenline begins by recognizing the original client and design of a building as well as significant owners along the way. Understanding these historical relationships and achievements guides the work.

Next, the elemental assets of a project including the water, the air, the trees and stones are honored. These forces give life to the materials used in each project– the wood, the stone, the metals and the finishes. These materials, joined with the restoration/preservation vision of the current client and architect, are then translated and executed through the hands of the artisans and laborers to create a harmonious and peaceful living environment.

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